Railway life 27/05/16

Running running running

on the railway

houses and trees

people and trucks

going by

faster and faster

like at the funfair

a merrygoround

but not so merry

just going round

only running

life passing by

slowing down

coming back

not found him!

going back

from Rome to Mondovi!!

going there not to find him,

but maybe he was out,

also you, maybe you are out,

lost somewhere

among the trees

or in a shelter somewhere

can I shelter with you  just one night?


Trad: Vita da treni

Correre correre correre

sui binari

case e alberi

gente e camion

che passano

sempre più veloci

come al luna park

un girotondo felice

ma non così felice

gira solo in tondo

gira solo

e la vita passa


ritorna indietro

malui non l’hanno trovato

si ritorna

da Roma a Mondovì!!

andare là senza trovarlo

ma forse era uscito

anche tu, forse, sei uscito,

perso da qualche parte,

tra gli alberi

o in un rifugiio da qualche parte

Posso rifugiarmi con te, solo per una notte?



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